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Please Take a Moment to Review Our Policies and Grooming FAQ

These are just a few of the questions we are commonly asked.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in our policies and grooming FAQ, by all means, call us at (919) 489-9364 during regular business hours Tuesday through Saturday, or contact Dog Stylists online anytime.

  1. What is a “puppy cut”?
  2. What if my dog has fleas and ticks?
  3. What if my dog’s hair is matted?
  4. What if my dog is aggressive?
  5. What if my dog needs re-bathing?
  6. What if I miss too many appointments (“no-shows”)?
  7. Are you environmentally friendly?
  8. What if I’m a pain-in-the-rear-end dog owner?


“Puppy cut” is a specific style for show poodles less than a year old. If the pet is anything other than a show poodle less than a year old, we will come up with some other term for the haircut.



If we find fleas, we will give the pet a Capstar pill ($6). Capstar only lasts for 24 hours but works very well and guarantees that the pet leaves the shop flea free. If we find ticks we will pick off the fat ones and suggest a spot-on product for the rest. (If we find maggots we will do the ooh-icky-ooh-icky dance, give the pet a Capstar, and give the owner a stern talking-to.)



Depending on the severity of the matting, the groomer may be able to brush the tangles out of the pet at the rate of $60 an hour, assuming both groomer and pet are willing, or the groomer may have to cut the pet shorter. The pet’s safety and comfort come first.



Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our pets turn out difficult. If we can safely handle a difficult pet with our years of experience, comfortable muzzles, and a little magic, we will be happy to groom him. If the pet fights too hard and puts us and himself in danger, we will send him home rather than risk any injury. Most pets are better away from their owners, some must have their owners around, and some just need to sleep through a haircut at the vet’s.



Some pets (you know who you are) are just messy, and like to do a little finger painting after a nice haircut. This tendency is made worse when it is raining, the pets have had a nice big breakfast of bran muffins and an espresso, and the bath and haircut get them all excited. Then we have to take extra time to re-bathe, re-dry, and possible re-neaten some parts. This is why we prefer that pets not be fed in the morning, and potty thoroughly at home. We can’t control the rain or excitement so much.



After the second no-show, the client must pay for one of the appointments before another time slot will be given. Our time is valuable, too.



  • We use natural high quality shampoos and conditioners.
  • Our high dilution bathing system saves water.
  • Our nail buffers are rechargeable so we don’t add batteries to landfills.
  • Our efficient equipment uses less electricity.
  • We don’t use any toxic dips or chemicals that pollute the water.
  • We recycle all of our bottles, boxes, and cans.
  • We give newspaper and produce bags a second life as poop cleanup bags.
  • We save our clients gas by being in a very convenient location.



We are not a box store. We do not have to take abuse, so don’t even try it. The owner’s new favorite site is


Again, if you cannot find the answer to your question about our policies in this grooming FAQ, please call us at (919) 489-9364 during regular business hours Tuesday through Saturday, or online anytime