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Jill Kaplan, owner and certified master dog groomer, offers a variety of professional dog grooming services to the Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area. Our compassionate and caring grooming for your cat or dog means your pet will leave feeling like a champion!

Make your appointment today; call 1-919-489-9364.

We offer comprehensive dog grooming for all breeds, including trims and cuts for competition and show dogs. We groom dogs, cats, and other pets. Our business is conveniently open Tuesday through Saturday, and the occasional Monday. We are locally owned.

Personalized Professional Dog Grooming

We groom your dog or cat as though he or she is our own. Our professional dog grooming services include bathing, blow drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, bows, and show trims.

We welcome pets with special needs, and provide them with the extra care they need. As pet owners and lovers, we have personal and professional experience with senior pets, poor health, and other issues that arise over the course of a pet’s lifetime. We care.

We love to show off our expertise in our competition grooming portfolio. Our staff have decades of combined experience as professional pet groomers.

Call us today at 1-919-489-9364 to schedule an appointment for your pet’s professional dog grooming. You can also contact us online during off hours using the form below.

All dog breeds are welcome.

Pet Grooming Fees and Policies

General Pet Grooming Fees

Small Breed
up to 15 lbs
Smooth Coat $26
Medium Coat $30
Long Coat $32

Medium Breed
between 15-30 lbs
Smooth Coat $28
Medium Coat $34
Long Coat $38

Large Breed
between 30-60 lbs
Smooth Coat $36
Medium Coat $40
Long Coat $42

Extra Large Breed
more than 60 lbs
Smooth Coat $42+
Medium Coat $54+
Long Coat $60+


Medicated Soak Fee
You may add a medicated soak for $4-$8.

De-matting Fee
We charge $60 per hour for dematting.

Missed Appointment Policy
After the second no-show, the client must pay for one of the appointments before another time slot will be given.

Payment Methods
We accept cash, check, Mastercard, and VISA for payment of the services listed below. Our fee is $25 for a check returned for insufficient funds.

We do not accept coupons or offer senior or multiple dog discounts. We will not honor other salon’s coupons.

Returned Checks
We charge $25 for a check returned for insufficient funds.

Miscellaneous Fees
The groomers will charge extra for flea and tick infestations, brush outs, aggression, and re-bathing.

As these are problems which we may not be able to determine at the time the dog is dropped off, we reserve the right to add a reasonable additional charge at the time the dog is picked up.

Questions About Our Pet Grooming Fees and Policies?

If you have questions abut our fees or policies, call us at 1-919-489-9364 between 8 AM and 5 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. You can send us a message online anytime with your questions.

Dog Grooming Fees by Breed, Letters A-K

We Excel at Breed Standard Cuts and Clips

Afghan Hound
Tidy $54+ | Kennel $64

Breed Cut $68

Tidy $64 | Kennel $70-80

American Cocker Spaniels
Breed Cut $52

Breed Cut $58 | Kennel $48
Show $70+

Bernese Mountain Dog
Tidy $64 | Kennel $74

Bichon Frise
Kennel $44 | Lamb $54
Show $60

Kennel $80 | Show $110+

Brittany Spaniel
Breed Cut $58

Chow Chow
Tidy, $72 | Kennel $80+
Once a Year $80-$105

Clumber Spaniel
Breed Cut $58

Tidy $72 | Kennel $80

English Cocker Spaniels
Breed Cut $52

English Setters
Breed Cut $60

Giant Schnauzer
Breed Cut $74+

Great Pyrenees
Tidy $90 | Kennel $100+

Golden Retrievers
Tidy $58 | Breed Cut $72

Gordon Setters
Breed Cut $60

Tidy $60 | Kennel $70

Irish Setters
Breed Cut $60

Tidy $58 | Kennel $64

Kerry Blue Terrier
Breed Cut $62 | Kennel $55
Show $70+

About Our Fees By Breed

We are sticklers for following breed standards for dog grooming. Our pricing reflects our pride in the quality of our work.

However, if you want to mess with Jill and you own an adult Standard Poodle, ask Jill to give her or him a puppy show cut! Keep your face straight and watch hers….

Dog Grooming Fees by Breed, Letters L-Z

Jill Kaplan is a Certified Master Groomer

Lhasa Apso
Kennel $48 | Lamb $52

Tidy $70 | Kennel $80

Tidy $34 | Kennel $48 | Lamb $52

Miniature Poodle
Kennel $48 | Lamb $52

Tidy $90 | Kennel $100+

Old English Sheepdog
Full $70+ | Kennel $74
Once a Year $105+

Tidy $34 | Kennel $48

Tidy $34 | Kennel $48

Tidy $70 | Kennel $80

Tidy $50 | Kennel $55

Shih Tzu
Tidy $34 | Kennel $48 | Lamb $52

Springer Spaniel
Breed Cut $58

Standard Poodle
Kennel $75 | Lamb $95

St. Bernard
Tidy $90 | Kennel $100+

Terriers, Long-legged
Breed Cut $52 | Kennel $48

Terriers, Short-legged
Breed Cut $50 | Kennel $48

Toy Poodle
under 10″
Kennel $48 | Lamb $52

Wheaton Terrier
Breed Cut $62 | Kennel $55
Show $70+

Tidy $35 | Kennel $48 | Lamb $52

Have Questions About Dog Grooming Fees?

Call us at 1-919-489-9364 to learn more about our dog grooming fees for your breed. You can also contact us online during off hours using the form below.

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Do you have questions about our services or fees? Do you need to make an appointment for a professional pet grooming? If so, you may contact Dog Stylists anytime using the form below or by email.

Please call us during regular business hours at 1-919-489-9364 to make an appointment or to inquire about policies or pricing. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our services or fees, or how we can accommodate your pet’s special needs.

You may review our dog grooming prices by breed. You can review breeds beginning with letters A-K here or letters L-Z here.

We can provide you with an estimate for cat, dog or other pet grooming that is not listed on our fees and policies page. You can also review our FAQ.

We usually respond to online inquiries within 24 hours, or 48 hours over a long weekend.


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