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Our customers love our professional grooming services.

We do great work. We love dogs and cats, and our customers love how we keep their pets healthy and happy. Here are a few dog grooming testimonials from clients.

🐾 They do amazing work and treat our dogs gently, we couldn’t be more pleased! —An Ne Mu, January 14, 2017

🐾 I have been going here for a while! Jill and her staff are amazing !! They treat my babies Leo and Taco so well! They are fast, efficient, and phenomenal. I have been looking at salons and trying different salons not being too consistent but The Dog Stylist has set that expectation for service and experience so high that NO other company can compete. I **highly recommend **to anyone looking for a groomer for their pup or adult dogs, they are great with all dogs!!! —Alexis H., Virginia Beach, VA, 12/20/2016

🐾 They are dog people!! I can’t believe how perfect my giant Newfie looks. I tried myself, not worth it. Thanks! —Carolyn Slinkski, February 12, 2015

🐾 They do amazing work. Great people with very friendly animals helping to make every customer feel at home. —Terri Toohil, Durham, NC, May 31, 2014

🐾 Jill is wonderful. She has been grooming my Scotties since 1999. She is a master stylist and great with my animals. She also has a tender heart and is always fostering animals. I drive all the way from Cary to go to her. —Lara H., Cary, NC, 4/7/2013

Dog Stylists is the best dog groomer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

🐾 Jill does a great job and is an awesome groomer that knows her stuff! I first brought my Bichon to her due to another groomer in the area giving her a horrible cut. I brought my Bichon in and she knew right off how I wanted her to groomed her. From the point on my dog looks great and looks like a Bichon.

I am so pleased with her skills and would recommend her to anyone! —Marcia A., Durham, NC, 12/20/2013

🐾 I have been taking my Persians to Dog Stylists for over five years and am always happy with the treatment they receive and with the quality of grooming. We got a shih tzu 8 months ago and also take him for grooming. He always comes home feeling well and looking good, as do the cats.

In addition to the top notch grooming Dog Stylists provides, I love supporting them because they truly love animals and always seem to be helping various rescue groups or fostering cats who need homes. There are a few grooming places closer to my home but I am 100% happy with the relationship my animals have with Dog Stylists and can’t imagine taking them anywhere else. —Hallie S., Durham, NC, 8/6/2013

🐾 I decided to try this dog groomer since I saw some positive reviews on another site. We tried Dog Stylists a couple of months ago, and I’m getting ready to make another appointment. They did an excellent job and addressed some coat issues with my Bichon. My dog had never been left at a groomers before and wasn’t even a year old at the time and I was nervous. My dog warmed right up to them and was happy and calm. The poodles that Jill has are not overbearing and just greet people and are calm and gentle. I could tell the groomers really knew how to relate to, and have a love of animals and in addition to doing a good job with grooming, they made my dog beautiful and happy. —NCJE, 03/21/2012

Dog Stylists is the best cat and dog groomer in Durham, North Carolina!

🐾 I am forever sold on Dog Stylists of Durham & enthusiastically recommend them to anyone with a dog that needs grooming.

I have a cockapoo that I like to keep a little shaggy looking. After he got a really bad haircut from another groomer in the area, my wife & I were pretty nervous about getting him groomed again. I called Dog Stylists & explained the experience at the other groomer & how his hair was cut way too short & that we wanted him to stay shaggy. Jill was incredibly polite & understanding; she even offered to let me come in before the appointment & discuss my dog’s haircut with her. She showed me her techniques, explained different options to me and even groomed a part of my dog to show me what he’d look like when she was done. Now that is service! I walked out confident that my dog would look perfect when I picked him up and I was not at all disappointed.

My dog had exactly the haircut my wife & I were looking for and the price was very reasonable. Jill did a truly phenomenal job. She is super polite and caters to the needs/requests of her customers. The fact that she would take the time to sit down with me, show me her work and discuss options says a lot about her and her passion for her work and her customers. We drive from Chapel Hill to bring our dog to her and will continue to do so every time our dog needs grooming.

As a few other reviewers have mentioned the aesthetic of the building & interior may cause you pause, but trust me, the work done inside is top notch & I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be happy with your dog’s grooming. —Jon M., Chapel Hill, NC, 11/12/2013

🐾 Dog Stylist was fantastic! Jill did a wonderful job with my dog. He came out spotless clean, nicely clipped and was very happy and didn’t look stressed at all. —Sherry L., Durham, NC, 1/17/2012

We at Dog Stylists love to do Standard Poodle show cuts. We know this isn't a Standard Poodle in show cut. We're just saying....

🐾 This place is great!

I came here super last minute. I had an appointment at Pet Resort @ RTP, but due to miscommunications (=O), I had to find a groomers nearby to bring my little poopster. Everywhere was booked, but Dog Stylist was kind enough to open up a spot to me. They were booked too, and the woman on the phone had to ask one of her partners.

It is a old looking house in Durham, and you can tell they’ve been there forever. The only reason I’m taking off one star is the ambiance. It is very low-key. They have some cages for cats in the front, where the owner takes in and advertises them for adoption. In the same room, is the counter where they sell simple dog grooming stuff (no brand names here). In the other room, is filled with good sized crates where your pup will be staying.

How can you miss the two black standard poodles walking around the house. They belong to the owner, and are so calm and perfectly groomed. I wanted to stay there longer just to play with those poodles.

I got the bath and tidy because my bichon/shihtzu had bits of mats on his feet and ears. It was a no fuss drop-off, and the owner asked me a few questions in terms of what he likes or doesnt like and what i wanted to get done.

At 5:30, I picked him up and he looked like another man! He was super fluffy, happy and ALL of his mats were gone! I don’t know how they did it, or how they made him to stand still but they did. Also, they DONT sedate the dogs like some other groomers.

The total was only $34, where I was used to paying $80 for something like this. The prices are good, you can tell that the people there really love animals and my dog came out of there fabulous and happy.

Mochi says “woof woof woof woof” – 4 stars! —Jane Y., Cary, NC, 1/13/2011

Dog Stylists offers the best dog grooming in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina! Our clients will tell you so.

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